Ukraine Recovery Conference – On 21-22 June 2023 – London, UK

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URC 2023

On 21-22 June 2023, the UK jointly with Ukraine will host the international Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC 2023) in London

Це буде п’ята конференція після таких міжнародних форумів у Лондоні (2017), Копенгагені (2018), Торонто (2019) та Вільнюсі (2021).

The Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023, to be held jointly by the UK and Ukraine in London in June, is a continuation of the cycle of annual events with the last one conducted jointly with Switzerland in Lugano.

The previous edition of the conference, held for the first time during the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine, launched the Lugano Principles, which laid the foundation for the reconstruction process of Ukraine and united the world in its efforts.

Since Lugano, the international community has pledged significant emergency assistance, but a broader mobilisation of public and private sectors is needed to meet the scale of stabilisation and recovery needs Ukraine requires following russian attacks. Ukraine has already undertaken initiatives to move forward with reconstruction in line with these principles and commitments, despite the circumstances of war.

The Ukraine Recovery Conference is dedicated to Ukraine's transformation and was symbolically launched in London in 2017 as the Ukraine Reform Conference.


Викорінюємо корупцію: верховенство права та боротьба з корупцією
Посилюємо громади: децентралізація
Єднаємо території та людей: реформи задля реінтеграції

Цифрова трансформація

URC 2023 Goal

URC 2023 will focus on mobilising international support for Ukraine's economic and social stabilisation and recovery from the effects of war, including through emergency assistance for immediate needs and financing private sector participation in the reconstruction process.


We expect the broad participation of the international community, international financial institutions, the private sector and civil society to mobilise support for Ukraine.

We are keen to see the private sector play a leading role by applying its expertise and supporting Ukraine's recovery, and invite investors to consider specific sectors and opportunities. To support this, Ukraine continues to implement an ambitious reform agenda and look for ways to support investment in Ukraine and reduce risk.

Please note that the number of conference visitors is limited for security reasons. Participation in the conference is only possible if an invitation has been received from the host. Further information on the conference programme will be published shortly before the date of the event.

On the Road to Lugano

On the Road to Lugano – Reforms for Investment in Ukraine

The event is took place on 20 January 2022,
11:00 –12:30 (CET)

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About URC
Ukraine Reform Conference

Ukraine Reform Conference is a platform through which leaders of Ukraine and their international partners gather to take stock of progress in implementing reforms in Ukraine.

The URC provides an opportunity to discuss ways to accelerate political, economic and social transformations. High-level participants reflect on the key reform results achieved and discuss future reform priorities for a stable and prosperous Ukraine.

Who participates in the URC process? Approximately 40 countries support the ongoing transition efforts in Ukraine through their participation in the URC process, in particular EU member states, the United States, Canada and Japan. Approximately 15 international organisations also support the Ukrainian authorities in their efforts to reform the country. Participation in the conference is, in principle, open to all actors willing to contribute to the political, economic and social reform process in Ukraine.

The URC has traditionally welcomed representatives of civil society, the private sector, participants from the academic world, as well as think tanks supporting reforms in Ukraine. Inclusiveness and a multi-stakeholder approach are particular features of the preparatory process and the conference.

Main goals of the Ukraine Reform Conference:

Presentation of the results of key reforms at the international level
Designation of Government priorities for the year
Assistance in attracting investment in the Ukrainian economy
Engagement of theinternational community in the reform process
in Ukraine

Switzerland has the honour of co-hosting the fifth URC in Lugano on 4­5 July 2022. This milestone provides a timely opportunity to reflect on the key reform results achieved and discuss future reform priorities for a stable and prosperous Ukraine.

The focus goes beyond the traditional outside perspective of the Ukrainian reform agenda as it also adds an insider’s perspective on how Ukraine can best contribute to the region’s sustainable economic development and resilience. The conference is jointly organised by Ukraine and the host country.

The format of the URC has evolved over the years. One of its main features is the ‘On the road to...’ process with several preparatory events, the results of which are presented at the main conference.

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Qualitative changes taking 
place today

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In recent years, Ukraine has been steadily moving towards deep and structural reforms. The transformations taking place today in all key areas of state life are the foundation for qualitative changes in the medium term, the basis for improving the wellbeing and standard of living of the residents of Ukraine.

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The URC2022 co-organizers are constantly assessing the situation in Ukraine. The Ukraine Reform Conference is still scheduled to take place in Lugano on 4-5 July 2022 until further notice. Preparatory work continues and the co-organizers will consider which topics and contents are most useful to Ukraine in view of the situation.