Conference Results

Results by Thematic Dimensions

Co-Chair’s Summary by the Governments of Ukraine and the Federal Republic of Germany
Reforms Matrix
Ukraine Investment Guide
Support for Business Engagement in Ukraine - An Investors' Guide
SME Resilience Alliance
Transformation of the Business Development Fund into a National Development Institution for SMEs
Statement from the G7+ Energy Coordination Group and the Government of Ukraine at the URC 2024 in Berlin (June 11)
Agri-food investments opportunities
Skills Alliance for Ukraine
Internationalisation of Medical Initiatives and Networks
Alliance for Gender-Responsive and Inclusive Recovery
Coalition for Sustainable Municipalities at URC2024
Overview Science
A Platform for Action on the Green Recovery of Ukraine

Presentations by thematic dimensions

Business Dimension – Mobilising the Private Sector for Reconstruction and Economic Growth
Human Dimension – Social Recovery and Human Capital for the Future of Ukraine
Local and Regional Dimension – Recovery of Municipalities and Regions
EU Dimension – EU Accession and Related Reforms